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Eau Claire Financial Consultants

Eau Claire Financial Consultants

Who is the Advisors Management Group?

Advisors Management Group is a team of strategic financial consultants that serve individuals and businesses in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

We offer strategic financial consulting to help you manage all aspects of your finances. Our consultants will stay on top of your ongoing financial health, even as life goals and markets evolve. 

As a fiduciary consulting team, clients have confidence that our Eau Claire financial consultants always work for their best interests. 

Why work with an Eau Claire consulting firm?

Managing money effectively can be extremely difficult if you are unfamiliar with market principles or have multiple financial planning needs. An Eau Claire financial consultant can ease the burden of attempting to manage your money on your own and increase its growth potential. 

Find out how our advisors can help you plan your financial future today.

Eau Claire’s Economic Outlook

  • Eau Claire’s cost of living is 13.3% lower than the United States average. While this could be promising, you must look into the average income and tax rates in the region to determine how much you will net per year.
  • Tax rates in Eau Claire are 6.3%, two points higher than the United States average.
  • Individuals earn an average annual salary of $28,555 in the United States. However, citizens of Eau Claire earn $23,792 annually. This reflects that 13% of the population of Eau Claire earn beneath $15,000 annually, while 2% earn over $200,000 per year.
  • Eau Claire has a lower unemployment rate than the average in the United States. Their 3.3% unemployment rate reflects the 0.8% job market increase in the past year. 

Secure Your Financial Future

When you work with Advisors Management Group, you work with professionals who are truly dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. Contact us by filling out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Wealth Management in Eau Claire

Our mission is to help our clients meet their financial goals with our ongoing support. We create personalized plans and collaborate with you long-term to increase the possibility of a healthy financial future. 

We are committed to putting our clients first as a fee-only team of advisors operating at the fiduciary standard. You can be certain that we are not in it for special commissions. 

Financial Services Offered in Eau Claire

Eau Claire offers a full suite of financial services to provide all your financial needs in one spot. Whether you are an individual looking to develop a long-term financial plan or a business that needs assistance with their employee’s futures, our consultants are here to assist you. 

Let Advisors Management Group make your money work for you. 

Fee-Only Investment Management & Advisory

Creating an investment plan requires a knowledge of the market, specific objectives, and a strategic timeline. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of the market and create the right portfolio. 

An Eau Claire financial consultant from Advisors will create a tailored investment portfolio that caters to your unique circumstances and goals. 

Financial Planning

Every person needs a financial plan, whether they have $1,000 or $100,000. Financial planning can eliminate the burden of long-term financial stress. Advisors Management Group will develop a personalized plan that meets your timeline and can be maintained throughout your life. 

If the market changes or you have new life goals, we will adjust the plan to suit your needs. 

Business Consulting

Get the advice of a tax and accounting professional plus financial planners in one place with our Eau Claire financial business consultants. 

Traditionally, advice from multiple sources will contradict each other and make it difficult to plan for your business’s financial future. Our business team will provide you with one easy-to-implement plan to help you secure your business. 

Retirement Plan Solutions

Choosing a retirement plan for your employees isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many options that may or may not meet your business’s needs. Our advisors know the right plan for you. Let us help you prepare for your employee’s futures. 

Tax and Accounting

Taxes can be a complicated endeavor every financial year. Take the stress out of hunting for deductions and extra forms by hiring a tax accountant. Our experienced tax accountants have been doing tax preparation for years and are knowledgeable with all tax.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is the gold standard for financial advisors. A small amount of financial consultants can operate at the fiduciary standard, where clients are put above all else. This is because they operate on a fee-only basis and do not accept compensation from other sources that could result in a conflict of interest. 

The fiduciary standard means putting the client first. These types of advisors have a duty to monitor and maintain a client’s portfolio to provide consistent and knowledgeable advice at all times 

What is a fee-only financial advisor?

A fee-only advisor only accepts compensation in the form of an hourly or flat rate fee from their clients. They do not earn a commission on your investments. This means that they are only liable to maintain your best interests rather than their own or that of a third party. A fee-only financial advisor ensures that your financial advisor is working for you. 

What Fee-Only Means For You

  • Your advisor is only being compensated by you. They never accept money from other institutions or get a percentage of investments. 
  • Our fee-only structure allows our advisors to work at the fiduciary standard, which means that your best interests will always be put first.
  • Less worry about your Eau Claire financial consultant having a conflict of interest with an investment or financial strategy.
  • We are compensated based on the work we do for you. This allows us to manage your finances long-term, adjusting them to suit your changing needs and the changing economic markets.