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Pay Stubs & Tax Withholding 101

Pay stub

If you are like most Americans, you no longer or perhaps have never received your pay in the form of a paper check.  American Payroll Association estimates that while some people are still paid with paper checks, an overwhelming 93% of employees receive their paycheck directly deposited. Additionally, some employees use payroll cards and reloadable Pay Stubs & Tax Withholding 101

Making Credit Cards Work for You

Making Credit Cards Work for You

Credit cards can be an important part of managing your financial situation when used correctly, but what do you need to know about being smart when it comes to credit cards? Making credit cards work for you can be confusing, but here are some tips to help you get started. Choose 0% According to Lendingtree, Making Credit Cards Work for You

Tax Time Tips

Tax Tips

Whether you are planning to do your own, or hire a pro, you are probably getting ready to file your tax return soon. You may wonder why you need to file a tax return. Think of your return like this, you probably made money from a few different sources (income) last year. You probably paid Tax Time Tips

Understanding Market Indexes

Market Indexes

Whether it’s on your phone, on the nightly news or scrolling on the bottom banner of your web browser, you probably have seen the performance of the market indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial or the S&P 500. We see the familiar red and green arrows as we go about our days without giving Understanding Market Indexes