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Investing During Market Volatility

market volatility

The year 2008 proved emotionally exhausting for investors. Volatility rocked the markets causing the S&P to hit lows more than -17% by mid-July. Late summer brought a slight recovery and quieter conditions only to have the market plummet in October resulting in a new bottom of over -42%. Although these types of market conditions don’t Investing During Market Volatility

Retirement Myths and Realities

Rethinking Retirement

As financial planners, we hear all kinds of thoughts that people have about retirement. The fact is that no two people are the same and neither are two retirement scenarios. Your neighbor may plan on spending a whole winter in warm weather and you may prefer to stay near your children and grandchildren. There isn’t Retirement Myths and Realities

National Financial Awareness Day

financial awareness day

August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to sharpen your financial skills. National Financial Awareness Day is a day dedicated to financial literacy and helping people to learn the principles of building financial stability. Whether you are building your financial future or are a well-established financial wizard, everyone can observe National Financial Awareness Day