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4 Ways to Embrace Simple Living

Posted by: Nick L. in Tips

From the pandemic era to hyperinflation, the last few years have created a trend of people looking for ways to get back to the lifestyle of yesteryear.  While many of us love the idea of getting back to our roots, it may not be practical, with today’s busy lifestyle. You don’t have to be raising backyard chickens or nurturing a sourdough bread starter to do things to save money and live a simpler life. By being intentional and by making a few tweaks to your current lifestyle, you can save a few bucks and even reap some health benefits. Here are a few tips for living a simpler life.

Get Some Fresh Air

Power down your devices and get outside. We all need a break from non-stop technology. As spring and summer months are approaching, it’s a great time to pause your streaming plans and other memberships and focus on doing things that don’t cost anything. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or play yard games with the kids. Have a backyard camp out or plan a beachside picnic. Explore your local parks and nature preserves instead of opting for entertainment like going to movies or other venues that charge admission. If you do choose some sort of entertainment that costs money, seek out low-cost opportunities and try to get the best bang for the buck. Consider a yearly state park sticker or family season pass to your local public pool. Fresh air and exercise are great for the body and the wallet.

Cook Outdoors

Is your Friday night usually a dinner out night? How about rethinking dinner at a restaurant and moving the party outside. Think beyond just grilling out. Use a backyard fire pit to make campfire creations such as pie iron pizza or foil packet dinners. Let kids assemble their own walking tacos with corn chips or tortilla chips. Use an outdoor griddle to whip up a hibachi style stir fry. Whether it is at a campsite or your own backyard, get your family involved with preparing food in the great outdoors. Food cooked at home is a cost-effective alternative to dining out and it can be healthier too. Bringing food outside just adds to the experience and helps you create fun memories with friends and family.

Ditch Excess Packaging and Unnecessary Plastic

Do you find yourself buying single serve items for lunches and snacks? Any consumable item that is packaged for convenience typically will cost more than it would if you were to portion the food yourself. Additionally, single use packaging creates more environmental waste. Consider using reusable containers to portion out your food and snacks. Avoid single use plastic bags when possible. Consider repurposing glass or plastic containers from products that you buy. Fill a water bottle or make to-go coffee at home instead of buying a beverage while running errands. If you are already in the habit of taking your cup with you on the go, resist the urge to buy the latest cup or water bottle that is trending on social media. You likely have plenty of options at home already. Instead consider using an old mason jar and a reusable straw for a little shabby chic appeal. You will be surprised at the financial and environmental impacts of being mindful about the containers you use for drinks and snacks.

Get Your Green Thumb Growing

You don’t need to have acres of land to grow your own food. In fact, you can grow delicious food at home without a lot of space or elaborate equipment. If you love the idea of having raised garden beds, but don’t want to spend the time or money, think smaller. Many items that you have lying around the house can be converted to a patio garden. Consider plants that grow well together. Create a salsa garden with tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro in an old plastic tote. How about using kitchen herbs in flower planters? If you have a little more space, think outside the box. If you have a fence, hang a shoe organizer on it and plant strawberries in the pockets. Or perhaps grow potatoes in a laundry basket lined with an old burlap sack. Make sure that plants have proper drainage, water and adequate sunshine when growing your garden. Now is the perfect time for planting this summer’s healthy harvest. By reusing things you have, you can save money and scratch your itch to get your hands in the soil.

Today’s fast paced, highly stressed lifestyle really can leave people looking for opportunities to get back to basics. There are many physical and financial benefits to taking a step back and enjoying the simpler things in life. Avoiding waste and stepping back from the hustle and bustle just makes “cents” and can help you to have a little bit more cashflow to your financial goals. We encourage you to consider what you can do to spend less but create a life with simplicity and significance.


Rebecca Agamaite

Investment Advisor Representative 

Rebecca joined the firm in 2011 as an Investment Advisor Representative. In this role, she works with clients to manage their investment assets and help them obtain their financial objectives. Rebecca brings a great deal of experience to the team having worked for several years at Marshall & IIsley Bank and MetLife. She earned a Masters of Business Administration degree (with an emphasis on finance) from Concordia University.

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