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Advisors Management Group in La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides business consulting services.

We pursue providing business consultant services because we see a need for there to be a “hub” in optimizing all implications of the complex financial decisions businesses need to make.

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Hire a Business Consultant– How We Can Make Your Business Work For You

A tax professional will answer your question from a tax perspective, an attorney will answer from a legal perspective, an accountant often times will only “account” for what has happened and will not ask the forward looking questions necessary to measure all implications and growth.

Who is taking each of these perspectives and combining them in a way that meets your priorities and gets your business where it wants to be in the quickest and most efficient manner? This is the role a AMG business consultant plays for you. Guided by your specific goals and priorities, we collaborate with you by taking into consideration the accounting, tax, estate, cash flow, and financial planning implications and design the road map for you to get where you want to be. We can also tie any legal implications into this design by working closely with your attorney, if you so choose.

Doing your bookkeepingpayroll, and generating financial reports is a necessary part of running your business. Why not use this information to look forward and make proactive decisions on how to reach your goals? Our team can bring you that value through developing projections to help design holistic solutions for your business.

Through the design of income strategies, growth strategies, cash flow management, how to see your progress, manage tax liability, and to create new elements of your plan or make any adjustments as they come up.

AMG is here to help with any goal you have for your business including, but not limited to:

  • Tax saving strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Large purchase or expansion planning
  • How to protect your business finances using internal controls
  • How best to pay yourself through your business to achieve your personal financial goals
  • Employee retention strategies – retirement plan & fringe benefit analysis
  • Managing the equity in your business to achieve your long term goals

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