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AMG COVID-19 Response Plan

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This has been a very different couple of months with many changes in everyone’s world.  Although we haven’t been able to meet in person, AMG has continued to work for you while social distancing and following recommended guidelines.  Fortunately, our offices were already set up to accommodate that, for which we feel very blessed.  We are so fortunate to have the technology to continue working and communicating with you, we have enjoyed talking with many of you via telephone or web-conference!    We wanted to reach out to you to give you a status update and let you know our plans moving forward in response to COVID-19 and all of the changes that have come with it. 

Our plan is to open our lobbies on June 1st.  This will allow us to be here for you to drop things off and for you to briefly pick things up when needed.  We have had great success with telephone and web meetings, and we will continue to offer that indefinitely from here on out for those who prefer one of those methods.  In addition, beginning June 1st, we will also be offering in-person meetings again for those who choose.  Our only preference is that you have the options you are most comfortable with to do business with us.

We are taking the continued health and safety of you and our team very seriously.  We have been disinfecting regularly and maintaining social distance.  We have been keeping up on CDC and Wisconsin DHS guidance and have used this to put together our own specific COVID-19 Response Plan.  This plan is meant to continue making everyone’s health & safety a priority while getting back to delivering things and meeting in person when you desire.  You can find a detailed copy of our detailed COVID-19 Response Plan Here:  COVID-19 Response Plan 

A few highlights from our COVID-19 Response Plan that are specific to our offices:

  • Surfaces and supplies are disinfected regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to you in our office.
  • Phone or Web meetings will be offered to you indefinitely. 
  • For in-person meetings, you will be shown to a private conference room to wait for your meeting or for any discussion/questions rather than wait/discuss in the lobby.
  • Following your current in-person appointment, we will call or email you to schedule future appointments to limit those in the lobby.
  • In the case there is a line to the front desk within the lobby, a 6-foot distance will be maintained between those in line.
  • Internal entry doors will be propped open during business hours in an effort to reduce surfaces being touched by multiple people.
  • For income tax return and document pick up, we will be notifying you of a timeline to stop in and pick things up.  This is in an effort to spread out the traffic stopping in upon opening.  We have hundreds of people who may stop in, so we are doing this to be proactive.  If you are unable to stop in during the timeline given or wish to wait until closer to the filing deadline, please wait a couple of weeks past your assigned timeline to stop in or schedule an appointment. 
  • Lobby interaction will be limited to:
    • Brief drop off/pick up of documents
    • Payment of services

We know and appreciate that there are many opinions, comfort levels, and views on how doing business should and will look like moving forward.  We want to make everyone feel comfortable while giving you options, and we plan to do so responsibly at all times.  Thank you all for your patience.  If you have any questions about our COVID-19 Response Plan, please feel free to reach out to Jenna Deets at 608-782-0200 or jennad@amgteam.com.



Your AMG Team 


CLICK HERE for a copy of our COVID-19 Response Plan

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