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Wisconsin Child Sales Tax Rebate

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The state of Wisconsin has a budget surplus of nearly $400 million.  Governor Walker and the state legislature have decided to return some of that surplus to tax payers who have children in the form of a child sales tax rebate.

Basically, to qualify for the rebate you must have had a qualifying child that you claimed as a dependent on your 2017 tax return and lived in Wisconsin during 2017 (non-residents and part-year residents can qualify too).  The rebate is $100 for each qualifying child. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! There is a window in which you can file.  Today is the earliest date you can file for the rebate and it ends on July 2, 2018.  According to the state, late filing will not be accepted.

I filed for the rebate and the process is quite simple, taking less than 10 minutes.  The easiest way to file is to go to childtaxrebate.wi.gov and fill out the online form.  You will need the social security number and date of birth for yourself, your spouse (if you filed a married/joint tax return) and each child.  You can receive a check or you can have the rebate deposited into your bank account (have your routing and account number available for this option).

The state has a great resource available answering most questions that you may have, including more detail about how to claim this rebate how you can qualify for this child sales tax rebate.

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